Scandinavian Norsemen Raiding Viking Sword

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Viking swords come from the sword family known as the spatha and are often longer than the spatha. Swords were often reserved for the wealth due to price that is why most Viking carried axes. The Scandinavian Norsemen Viking Sword is constructed of carbon steel with a fuller running down the center. The hilt is metal that is leather wrapped and hand stitched. The simple guard and distinct Viking style both are both made of carbon steel. The scabbard is wooden wrapped in hand stitched leather with raised Viking rune Dagaz and a steel chape and leather belt loop. This Viking sword is beautiful in its simplicity and would be a great addition to a collection. Dagaz, the last rune of Futhark means literally "Day". This rune symbolizes the fulfillment and achievement. Dagaz is the rune of the awakening, of dawn and of the day rise. The rebirth in the Light. Dagaz also symbolizes the fulfillment at the end of the initiatory path. *Please note that the belt is not included.

Overall Length: 38.75 In
Blade Length: 29.75 In
Blade: Double Sided, Safety Edge
Blade: Carbon Steel, Polished & Oiled
Blade Width: 1.75 In
Blade Thickness: 1 mm
Guard Width: 6.25 In
Handle Length: 6.5 in


Tempered Stainless Steel Blade
Leather Wrapped Handle
Leather Wrapped Wooden Scabbard
Historical Replica

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