Take a Hint 801 Type 5000K Volt Direct Current Self Defense Stun Gun with Belt Pouch

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Sometimes you just want to enjoy a night out with your friends at the bar and not be messed with. Unfortunately, the frat boy asking over and over for your number doesn’t seem to understand that. Now he’s getting uncomfortably close on the dance floor. You know that that means, time for him to take a hint the hard way by whipping out your trusty 5000K Volt stun gun. This functional taser is nicely compact and lightweight, and comes with a lobster clip for you to easily attach to your purse or keys. A convenient belt pouch also comes included if that’s more your style. Press the switch on the side of the handle up once to use the built in flash light, and push up once more to see the red indicator light come on. This means your stun gun is locked and loaded, now all you have to do is press the button right above the switch. This little stun gun means business, and just the crackling sound it produces will send your assailant running for the hills. To top it all off, you don’t need to keep up with a pesky cord charger because the charger is built into the taser! Push the switch at the bottom of the stun gun to reveal the prongs for charging your new toy. Be careful though, we aren’t kidding when we say it means business!


Overall Length: 4 inches
Overall Width: 1.5 inches
Material: ABS Engineering Plastic, Alloy Steel
5000K Volts
Direct Current


Ultrahigh Voltage (5000K Volts)
Delicate Appearance
Internal Rechargeable Battery
Built in LED Flashlight
Keychain Attachment
Belt Pouch Included
Instruction Manual Included

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