The Original Fool Jester Handmade Leather Journal

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Bearing the mark of the Fool (who, despite what the name may imply to modern audiences, ranked among the most trusted confidants of Medieval royalty), this exquisite hand-crafted journal is perfect for revealing your most sacred inner thoughts! Made from thick and strong genuine leather, the cover is beautifully embossed with a jester. Each book contains 120 handmade pages (240 pages front and back) which are 100% wood free from recycled material. A genuine leather tie can be used to bound the journal closed when not in use or be employed as a bookmark. Brown in color, this symbolism of modesty and humility makes this journal ideal for recording all your day-to-day happenings and thoughts! In an era where speaking ones mind could lead to losing ones head, the Fool was specifically tasked with telling the medieval king what other advisors might not as bad news often went down better with laughter. The paper used in this leather journal contains handmade 'khadda paper', made from recycled cotton also known as 'kaddi' or 'khaddi' that has been left over from the massive garment industry in India. They are handmade and don't contain any chemicals as we only use unbleached cotton.

Size: 6.2 x 4.7 Inches
Paper: soft 100 g/m2, ivory color, 240 pages (counted both sides)
Weight: 240 gm
Design: Jester


100% Wood Free
Genuine Leather Covers
Original Fool Jester Design

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