Valsgarde Viking Splinted 9th Century 16g Battle Vambraces

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The excavations in Valsgärde near Uppsala, Sweden have provided numerous treasures from pre-Viking and pre-Christian Sweden. Grave 8, dated to between 635-650 CE, revealed a ship burial of a Vendel Era germanic warrior. Among this find were a set of splint-armours. The excavators found a total of 21 iron splints plus fragments of leather straps. Each iron strip was angulated upwards. Also found with these splints were small bronze and iron buckles. The interpretation is that they constitute splint vambraces and splint greaves and that the dignitary buried in this boat grave has been a horse-warrior, something swedes at the time were noted for. A bracer (or arm-guard) is designed to protect lower arm and wrist and especially protecting the forearm of the combatant. Made out of sturdy strips of 16 gauge solid steel, this design is particularly for the lower arm. The steel bands are riveted to a backing of thick leather strips. They are adjusted to fit around the arms with an adjustable steel buckle and strap. These bracers are a fantastic way to protect your upper arm. Use them for costumes or re-enactments.

Overall Length: 10.78 Inches
Overall Width: 8 Inches
Material: 16 Gauge Steel, Leather


5 Steel Strips
2 Set Bracers
Style: C
Finish: Polished
Size: L

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