Armory Replicas ™ Functional 14th Century Arming Sword Scabbard Included

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This robust and beautiful functional arming sword is inspired by an elegant 14th century original that can be seen nowadays in the historical Musee De L’armee located in Paris. It is typical of the types of swords worn during the late Middle Age as sidearm for both the knights and the well-equipped men-at-arms. This focus on thickness, weight, balance, flexibility as well as proper distal taper allows for a vigorous weapon that keeps excellent thrusting ability mixed with surprisingly fast cuts from the agile and quick-striking blade. The oiled blade is forged with well-tempered high carbon spring steel and beautifully set with a deep fuller. Where durability is concerned, this sword is simply one of the best of its category! It’s simply perfect for practicing your technique and training to be the best warrior.  Its cross guard and round pommel are made of durable steel and are directly welded to a wide and sturdy tang for a nearly indestructible overall construction. But the list of the impressive features of this elegant weapon doesn’t stop here: this beautiful blade not only looks deadly and hard to break, but even the smallest details have been taken into account. The grip is finished with high quality leather and the blade is expertly polished to a fine mirror finish. Not only that, but the sword is also provided with a FREE richly detailed matching companion scabbard with an integrated leather sword belt!


Overall Length: 35.5 inches
Blade Length: 28 inches
Blade Thickness: (Near Guard): 2.7 mm (Near Point): 2.3 mm
Handle Length: 7.5 inches
Guard Length: 7.5 inches
Weight: Approximately 3 lbs
Degree of Flexibility: 35-45 Degrees


Blade Material: Forged Flexible Carbon Steel; Oiled
Leather-Wrapped Handle
Steel Guard and Pommel
Leather Belt Scabbard Included
Fully Functional Practice and Training Sword

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