Learn how to shoot a Slingshot!

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Slingshots were used in what era and time? Quite a difficult thing to determine. BUT… no matter who and where they wanted to use the slingshots, the desire to throw them proficiently and accurately at the target was imminent. Here we will let you in on the tips on how you can throw a slingshot effectively.


The most conventional slingshots were designed in a Y-shaped from a bark cut from a tree, rubber tubes and a rectangular piece of leather. You will find that the rubber tube is attached to both ends of the fork. The custom-made slingshots are known as the catapults, made of wood, plastic, metal wire, brass, buffalo horn or deer antlers. However, the modern-day slingshots have an ergonomic handle grip with complete steel frames.

Shooting a Slingshot

  • With your less dominant hand, grip the handle of the slingshot in the middle. If you have a slingshot that comes with a wrist hold, you have to insert your hand through the wrist hold. This will ultimately position itself on your forearm.
  • Ammunition comes in different forms; you may use the lead ball ammunition.
  • Place your ammunition in the center of the leather or rubber pouch. Fold it, and clutch onto it firmly – Note: DO NOT LET THE AMMUNITION GO – With your thumb, index and middle finger of the prominent hand. Keep a steady grip on the projectile.
  • To hit the target more effectively, hold the slingshot vertically. Keep the wrist and the forearm aligned.
  • For increased accuracy, your toes should be on the side of the less dominant hand, pointed towards and in line with the target. Note: To achieve such a position, you may turn your body slightly towards the target and place the foot in front of your body.
  • The arm gripping the slingshot should be straight, extended and pointed towards the target. It should be parallel to the ground. As a result, when you have to pull on the leather/plastic pouch straight back, it should be close to your cheek.
  • You should check that the rubber tubes on both sides are parallel to the forearm of the hand that is holding on to the slingshot and is perpendicular to the handle. Note: Don’t be hasty, take your time and release the pouch in a gentle manner.
  • Make note of the direction of your projectile. This helps in determining the adjustments for the next shot you will make.

Let’s just hope that you get to hit a few targets after getting tips mastered. Happy Slingshotting!

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