Combo Sheath and Kendo Kata Practice Bokken

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Kendo Kata are fixed patterns that teach kendoka the basic elements of swordsmanship. In Kendo Kata both teacher and students use bokkens. The first seven kata use tachi, a long bokken, for both student and teacher. The last three kata use tachi for the teacher and kodachi, a shorter bokken, for student. As you can see bokkens are essential for this type of training. The Kendo Kata Practice Bokken is considered a tachi and is constructed of oak with a black lacquer finish. The handle has a nylon wrap that includes a guard and securing ring. To transport your tachi with ease a nylon sheath is provided with adjustable straps. The hard inner lining helps the sword stay in place with its scabbard and the straps adjust so you can wear the sheath slung across your back or vertical down the center. Embrace the essence of kendo and never forget what it really is.

Overall Length: 39 Inches
Blade Length: 31 Inches
Construction: Oak, Black Laquer Finish
Blade Dimensions: 1.5 Inches X 1.75 Inches
Handle: 9 Inches, Black Nylon Wrap
Practice Bokken Katana Replica
Includes: ABS Handle G


Comes with 1 Bokken
Ideal for Practice
ABS Handle Guard
Black Nylon Wrap on the Handle
Oak Wood Construction
Includes: 33 Inch long Nylon Sheath with Adjustable Straps

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