Demon Daedric Warrior Role Play Foam Dagger FREE Frog Combo

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This is one of the Hottest Combo Deals around. Along with this hand painted masterpiece you will receive an adjustable leather frog for FREE. No extra costs, No hidden fees. This saves you time and money and those savings are the best savings. The dagger is replicated from the demon dagger in a very popular role playing game. This dagger is similar to the sword. It also has a curved handle seen used in these supernatural entity's weapons. This foam dagger has a simulated stone finish that is weathered and pitted with hand painted accents and looks similar to a scimitar. The blade comes with a wicked serrated polyurethane foam edge that will strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. The handle is also constructed of polyurethane with a 10 mm inner core and hand painted. Your FREE frog is fashioned of smooth leather with two belt loops to stay secured at your side. Two loops rest vertically to secure your sword or dagger in place- adjust the buckles to fit many different swords or daggers, not just this one. These pieces will be the perfect centerpiece for your collection or use it as the finishing touches for a costume. Avid fans will not be disappointed as this is truly a unique piece and you get something FREE. Yay!

Overall Length: 19.50 Inches
Blade Length: 11.50 Inches
Handle Length: 9 Inches
Inner Core: 10 mm
Outer Material: Polyurethane Foam


Silver, Black, Brown, Blue, Red Lacquer Finish
Leather Frog with Steel Buckles

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