Hand Forged Viking Invasion Battle Axe

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Through the course of human history, commonplace objects have been pressed into service as weapons. Axes, by virtue of their ubiquity, are no exception. Besides axes designed for combat, there were many battle axes that doubled as tools. Axes could be modified into deadly projectiles as well (see the Franciscan for an example). Axes were often cheaper than swords and considerably more available. This battle axe is hand forged from iron steel and battle ready. With its fully functional build this axe can do some damage. Shaped like a halberd but in condensed size this axe has an edged spike coming out of the top and two different sized bits. There is one on the front and the other on the back. The antique finish with a rough texture lends for an authentic battle worn appearance. The shaft comes extra thick and is made from durable sheesham wood. The stained wood enhances the grain and is a dark oak color. For comfort the handle has a black leather sleeve. Sprint into battle with this baby and your enemies will surely cut and run.

Overall Length: 25 Inches
Blade 1 Length: 7 Inches
Blade 2 Length: 4 Inches
Spike Length: 5 Inches
Shaft Width: 1.38 Inch
Grip/Handle: Sheesham Wood with Leather Sleeve
Blade Thickness: 6 mm at Widest Point
Axe Mate


Fully Functional
Heavy Duty Construction
Beautiful Solid wood
Hand Forged
Comfortable Leather Wrapped Grip

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