Medieval 14th Century Voulge Functional Reenactment Polearm

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A Voulge is a medieval polearm that existed around the 14-16th centuries, consisting of a broad blade affixed to the side of the pole or shaft instead of on top of the shaft like most polearms of that time period, and looks very similar to that of a meat cleaver attached to a long pole (hence why is it occasionally referred to as the pole cleaver). This functional historical replica is hand forged from high carbon steel and features a rough blackened antique finish for a more authentic feel. One solid piece of steel creates the cleaver blade topped with a long spear tip, and welded onto the spine are two socket holes. The top socket hole has a spiked end and the bottom socket has a pre-drilled hole for easy assembly. Now you can pick out your preferred wooden shaft and create your very own custom piece for your collection or to use at your next event. This Voulge comes well oiled – and it is recommended to polish with a mineral oil from time to time to prevent rusting or corrosion.


*Please note: A mounting shaft is NOT INCLUDED, but can be purchased at most any local hardware store.


Overall Length: 16 In
Blade Length (Main): 7.5 In
Length (Spike 1): 8.25 in
Length (Spike 2): 3 in
Blade Width (Main): 2 In
Socket Opening (Bottom): 34 mm/1.34 in
Socket Opening (Top): 30.8 mm/1.21 in


High Carbon Steel, Antiqued
Cleaver-Style Blade, Antiqued Finish
Mounting Shaft is NOT INCLUDED

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