Medieval Replica High Carbon Steel Broadaxe Polearm Attachment

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This massive axe head is expertly forged from high carbon steel and features a polished finish. laser cut into the center of the blade cheek is an ornate bottony cross. The 12.25-inch crescent shaped blade has a standard sharpening, and the points at each end are thick and rounded for better nick resistance and safety. Attached to the spine of the blade is a large socket piece used to attach to a wooden shaft of your choice. This replica is quite hefty, weighing in at about 3 pounds, so it is recommended to use a strong wood for the shaft. This axe head comes well oiled – and it is recommended to polish with a mineral oil from time to time to prevent rusting or corrosion.


*Please note: A mounting shaft is NOT INCLUDED, but can be purchased at most any local hardware store.


Overall Length: 12.25 In
Blade Length: 12.25 In
Overall Width: 10 In
Blade Thickness: 4.5 mm
Weight: Approx. 2.65 lbs
Construction: High Carbon Steel, Polished Finish
Socket Opening: 36.9 mm/ 1.45 in


High Carbon Steel Construction
Crescent-Shaped Blade, Polished Finish
Laser Cut Bottony Cross
Mounting Shaft is NOT INCLUDED

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