Omniscient Viewpoint Push Dagger | High Carbon Steel Owl Face Punch Pocket Neck Knife

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Prediction is an unreliable concept. By itself, that is. However, with observation many unknowns can be deduced and the trajectory of the evening made clear. There are many ways to tilt the odds. Expanding your viewpoint to include the world around you is paramount to success. A simple wooden pallet leaning on a wall can be a worst-case scenario distraction. Subtle physical cues like your opponent’s eye movements or their foot placement are vital clues to what they will do next. The key is to keep your eyes open.
Made from one solid piece of high carbon steel, the Omniscient Viewpoint Push Dagger Pocket Knife is a simple arrowhead shaped knife with a T-shaped pommel that protrudes to either side, creating the perfect structure to be held in your fist. This style is commonly referred to as push or punch dagger, and it originated as a self defense weapon for citizens in 19th century Southern US. This beauty features an owl’s face on the center of either side of the blade. The part of the pommel that meets the palm is perfectly rounded and sleek ensuring a comfortable grip, and the Omniscient Viewpoint Push Dagger is double edged so you don’t need to factor which side you strike with in your strategy. This nifty little knife also comes with its own genuine brown leather sheath complete with snap closure for secure carry and a long sturdy leather cord so you can wear it around your neck.


Overall Length: 4.625 inches
Blade Length: 3.125 inches
Handle Length: 1.5 inches
Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 4 oz


Material: High Carbon Steel
Stamped Owl Face
Push Dagger Design
Hand Tooled Leather Necklace Sheath Included
Brown Finish
15-inch Leather Cord Included

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