Square Ancient Roman Gladius Sword with Frog Combo

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Brown has never looked so good, especially in a combination. Constructed from tough beech wood that has been lightly steamed for color, this wooden waster sword is an exact copy of an authentic Roman gladius- the sword that conquered the world. Practical and efficient, the gladius excelled in most close combat scenarios. Perfect for practicing combat moves or as a safe addition to a legionnaire costume, the sword features a square pommel while the handle has slight finger grooves carved in. This wooden sword is top notch and should be hold up through many practice sections. The sword now features a FREE brown frog that keeps this beech wood by your side. Our leather frogs are hand crafted from high quality leather. We offer a wide variety of frogs that can be used for medieval re-enactments, LARP, Renaissance Fairs and Theatrical plays. The First Crusade Holy War Leather Sword Frog is made to be worn on the left side. It features two belt loops with two brass colored rivets for a durable hold for any weight and any size sword. The sheath has two genuine leather belts that buckle to adjust to the size of your sword. This feature is to create contraction or expansion for all sword sizes and enables you to always keep your sword close and comfortable.

Overall Length: 29.5 Inches
Blade Length: 22 Inches
Material: Steamed Beech Wood


Steamed Beach Wood Construction
Excellent for Practice

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