Sword Of Damnation Damascus Steel Norse Viking War Sword

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The blade of this sword is forged from a blend of 1095/15N20 steel that has been tempered and treated to create this gorgeous pattern welded Damascus steel you see here. These steels have been folded approximately 400-520 times, and the end result has a Rockwell hardness rating between 58-60. Damascus steel is not only quite beautiful to look at, but also its durability along with flexibility is what makes it so valuable among collectors. Not only is the Damascus a unique feature on this sword; the hilt features a rectangular design that is based off of findings dated as far back as 850AD. The white color of the hilt is complemented nicely by pure brass accents. Included is a 100% genuine leather tooled back sheath that is red-brown in color with a zigzag design that features black borders. Needless to say, this sword is fit for a king.


Overall Length: 33 inches
Blade Length: 25.25 inches
Blade Thickness: 4.55 mm
Handle Length: 7.75 inches


Blade Material: Damascus Steel
Layers: 400-520
HRC: 58-60
Steel: 1095/15N20
White Handle W/ Pure Brass Accents
Leather Back Sheath Included

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