Vengeful Dwarf Hand Forged Damascus Steel Outdoor Axe

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The blade of this expertly-crafted axe is hand-forged from Damascus steel. The Damascus is from 1095/15N20 solid steel, layer between 350-358, and has a Rockwell hardness rating of 58-60 HRC. The straight line pattern is a unique design made from heating a billet made from a variety of metals. The handle is made from sheesham wood and stained a beautiful rich brown. Sheesham wood is a perfect material for an axe handle because of its hardness and durability. An axe like this one here is a versatile tool that can aid in splitting kindling, cutting fallen limbs, chopping wood, and even field dressing game. This is an ideal axe to carry with you on your next camping trip because not only is it lightweight and compact, but also built to last. When not in use, we recommend keeping it in its leather sheath for safe storage. This sheath is made out of only the finest leather, with three snap closures for added security, and is stamped with an elegant design.

Overall Length: 11.5 inches
Overall Width 4.5 inches
Blade Length: 2.5 inches
Head Length: 2 inches
Handle Length: 9.5 inches


Blade Material: Damascus Steel
Layers: 350-358
HRC: 58-60
Steel: 1095/15N20
Straight Line Pattern
Made to be Used
Genuine Brown Leather Sheath Included

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