Viking Battle Ready Wolf Heathen War Axe

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Wolf Heathens were an elite group of warriors that were Odin’s own special force. Where regular Berserkers wore bear pelts this group was known to wear the pelts of wolves. They were inhabited by the wolf spirit that allowed them to shapeshift. Capable of inconceivable feats this unit of men was unstoppable. Some would even say “Blood Thirsty”. These Norse warriors would battle in a trance of fury decimating anyone who got in their way. Bare chested and armed with battle axes these ruthless set of men slashed through battlefield with skull splitting force. This war axe is battle ready and sharp to enforce its power on others. It is constructed from forged carbon steel with a weathered finish. The hand carved handle is made from sheesham with a rich oak finish. The upper portion of this handle features a crisscross design made from leather that serves two functions. A great look and helps hold on the blade. The butt of this axe is flat and great for pommeling. The etching is from and old Norse poem written in younger Futhark runes. It says: Mun þú mik, man ek þik. Unn þú mér, ann ek þér. ‘Remember me, I remember you. Love me, I love you’. So after a day of removing limbs and heads you can sit around a fire taking in your spoils and reminiscing about your true love.

Overall Length: 30 Inches
Head Length: 8.30 Inches
Bit Length: 7 Inches
Head Material: Forged Carbon Steel
Weathered Finish
Handle Material: Sheesham Wood


Leather Wrapping
Battle Ready
Poem Etching

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