Years of Growth Hunting Knife | Damascus Steel, Walnut & Beechwood Grips by Hunt For Life

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  • DAMASCUS STEEL: The blade on the Years of Growth Clip Point Fixed Blade Outdoor Hunting Knife is made of 100% Damascus steel. That means that not only is the blade sharp, but each knife will have a different pattern forged into the steel on the blades cheek making it a unique knife.
  • FULL TANG: The blade runs through the center of the handle to the pommel of the knife which means that the blade is at a low risk of snapping off of the handle. Perfect for tough outdoor activities.
  • FINGER GROOVES CARVED INTO HANDLE: Finger grips are carved into the wood handle for comfortable carry and use.
  • CLIP POINT BLADE: This blade shape leaves a lot to the imagination. That is, there are millions of possibilities such as carving, cutting, stripping tree bark, striking fires with flint, and much more.
  • HANDMADE: Each knife is made carefully by hand to ensure maximum durability so your knife is as reliable as it can be.
  • QUALITY: This blade has real forged Damascus steel and polished wood to ensure you have no problems carrying, cutting, splitting, carving, and creating.

Over the years things will always change, grow, become other things. However, somehow the forest seems to stay the same with just a few small changes only someone who frequents an area would notice. With every camping trip you grow. Every time you set off you know something new and every time you return you come back knowing something new. How to make kindling out of damp wood, how to make fires, how to make sturdy shelters out of wood you harvest yourself. The most resourceful outdoorsman can leave on a camping trip with a single backpack. That backpack will always contain a good knife.

The Years of Growth Clip Point Fixed Blade Outdoor Hunting Knife will always have a place in that bag. This full tang knife is sturdy enough to withstand the toughest of treatment. Equipped with a beautiful, strong Damascus steel blade as well as a polished wood finish handle you can craft, cut, and camp in style. The Years of growth Clip point Fixed Blade Outdoor Hunting Knife comes with a leather sheath to keep and transport the blade when not in use and has finger grips carved into the handle for comfortable carry when it is in use. The 7.3-inch clip point blade is perfect for carving, splitting, stripping tree bark, and can even start fires when struck on a flint. The Years of Growth Clip Point Fixed Blade Outdoor Hunting Knife is sturdy and reliable enough to last years on end as you grow. The most important thing to have while camping is a good knife.


Overall Length: 11.9 Inches
Blade Length: 7.3 Inches
Blade Width: 1.7 Inch
Blade Thickness: 3.1 mm
Handle Length: 5.4 Inches


Blade Style: Clip Point Blade
Construction: Teardrop Damascus Steel, 1095 High Carbon, 15N20
Handle Construction: Hardwood is Walnut and Beechwood
Finger Grooves Carved into Handle, Full Tang
Includes: Leather Sheath

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