Damascus Steel Dagger with Koftgari Silverwork

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Koftgari work is an overlay art which is done by pressing gold/silver wire by special tool on crosshatching and then its heated and pressed by a polish hakik stone ( a normal stone can’t be used). When this technique is paired with the beautiful craftsmanship of a Damascus blade you have a true gem in your hands. This masterpiece was handcrafted with impeccable detailing. No two are exactly the same. All the silver detailing is actual silverwork not an imitation. The Damascus blade was forged by a black smith using alternating bars of steel carbon and iron with different degrees of hardness then forge welded together. The process is repeated until the desired pattern is obtained. The pattern used in this blade is raindrop with a four leaf silver design in the center of the blade on one side. The blade comes unsharpened and is housed in a velvet lined elaborately detailed scabbard with silver work just like the handle. You will marvel over the quality, detailing, and craftsmanship of this piece. Koftgari is a dying art so make sure you own a treasured piece before it’s too late.

Overall Length: 12.50 Inches
Blade Length: 7 Inches
Blade Thickness: 1mm
Blade Material: Damascus, Raindrop, Unsharpened
Handle Length: 4 Inches
Handle Material: Steel and Silver
Scabbard Material: Steel and Silver


Damascus Steel Blade
Full Tang
Steel & Silver Handle

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