Roman XV Apollinaris Custom Damascus Gladius Sword

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The XV Apollinaris was raised by Octavian - later the Emperor Augustus - the XV legion fought for him in the civil wars that marked the end of the republic and rise of the empire. In 31 BC they fought in the Battle of Actium, a naval battle in which Octavian's forces defeated those of Mark Anthony and the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra. It was after this battle that the legion was given the title "Apollinaris" - "Apollo-revering" - associating them with one of Rome's powerful gods, a god with which Octavian also associated himself. This sword is absolutely stunning and not only stunning but the craftsmanship on this sword is just unbelievable. The hilt is made from sheesham that is segmented by disks of Damascus and brass. The hilt has been contoured to fit perfectly in your hand. The end of the pommel has a Damascus cranium cracker for bashing your enemies face or head in. The blade is Damascus made from 1095/15n20 alloy steel. It has a Rockwell rating of 58-60 and 176 true blade layers. The pattern on this blade is called firestorm and looks absolutely magnificent. It comes very sharp and includes a leather sheath with an adjustable back strap. A tooled Hunt For Life™ logo is featured on the front.


Overall Length: 29.25 Inches
Blade Length: 22.40 Inches
Blade: Double Sided
Blade Damascus: 1095/15n20 Alloy Steel
Blade Width: 1.65 Inches
Blade Thickness: 5.25 mm
Guard Width: 2 Inches
Handle Length: 7 Inches


Adjustable Back Strap
Damascus Steel Blade
Pattern: Firestorm
Leather Sheath
Historical Replica
Hand Forged
Hunt For Life™

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